Core business of GIMECO since its foundation is the design and commissioning of turn-key complete hot dip galvanizing lines including systems and machines, auxiliary equipment and digital solutions for every step of processing.

Our solutions include standard configurations with thermal units (furnace-dryer) and chemical processes (degreasing, pickling, fluxing), as well as more complex setups that incorporate handling and logistics and lifting automation.
An industrial plant by GIMECO is always deeply customized to meet your specific requirements and meticulously designed down to the last detail, even assisting you throughout investment, operative expenditures and energy consumption evaluation.

Our technicians can work with you to find the most suitable solution for your company, whether it involves building from scratch on an open lot of land or within an already designed building as well as full revamping of existing industrial facilities.

An industrial galvanizing plant by GIMECO is configured to ensure the entire production flow operates with maximum efficiency, minimal costs, lowest impact on environment as possible and the highest economic return.

How we work

GIMECO has an all round view of every project. Everything is carefully planned, checked and implemented starting from the first request, even highlighting unexpressed needs, and supporting you from the installation throughout the entire life of the plant.

  1. Proposal + layout
  2. Project management
  3. In-house engineering
  4. Manufacturing
  5. On-site installation
  6. Startup, tuning, training
  7. Safety and process control — In-house software and digital solutions development
  8. Services, technical assistance and spare parts

Types of plants

galvanizing plants
Automatic spin
galvanizing plants
Tubes and pipes
galvanizing plants
galvanizing plants

Layouting and design

While designing productive lines, a correct layouting is a fundamental condition to determine whether the plant will be successful in terms of productivity, ensuring an effective return on investment, and providing comfort for operators.
Indeed, the successful implementation of a hot dip galvanizing line requires the correct and seamless integration of various elements such as geographical features of the construction site and accessibility, materials, resources, and energy, creating the best compromise to meet the needs and ultimately ensuring the optimization of production flows even through the analysis of production times.
With decades of experience, built through a continuous drive for technological innovation and the ability to meet the demands of partner companies, GIMECO offers eight master layouts that can be highly personalized accordingly to specific requirements:

In line
Two bays
U type, C type
L type
High safety
Total automation
Total automation
with Robot Assistance
Automatic spin
Tubes and Pipes

Systems and equipment

The accurate preparation of metal surfaces is crucial to ensure the reliability and durability of protective steel-zinc alloy...

The dryer, also known as preheating furnace, is a crucial stage in the process of galvanizing of metal parts...

The furnace is the beating heart of the entire galvanizing plant, and it is crucial both for...

Among the key components of the entire hot-dip galvanizing line...

Our handling proposals represent a crucial innovation for industrial efficiency...

Over the years, and with an enhanced know-how following the acquisition of company CO.T.IMP.I, we...

Spin hot-dip galvanizing lines of metal hardware are dedicated to handle small-sized parts and components...

In many manufacturing industries, particularly in hot-dip galvanizing, which is the primary...

Acid regeneration, flux regeneration, and acid neutralization systems represent the logical completion of a hot-dip galvanizing plant....

GIMECO provides in-house designed and customizable software solutions for the hot-dip galvanizing industry...