Digital solutions for plant management

GIMECO provides in-house designed and customizable software solutions for the hot-dip galvanizing industry. These solutions are specifically designed to help your company to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes.

One of the key features of GIMECO's software is its ability to monitor and control equipment in real time. This allows your company to identify and troubleshoot problems quickly and, with a good predictive logic principle, even before they cause downtimes or damages. The software can also be used to schedule preventive maintenance actions, which help to extend the life of equipment and reduce unplanned downtime or, again, to optimize energy consumption leading to a perfect synergy with equipment in order to achieve sustainability.

In addition to monitoring and control, GIMECO's software also provides a variety of other features that support your company in improving operations such as production analysis, remote mixed-reality assistance, production flow management and traceability of materials, chemical process management and reporting in general.

All the digital solutions offered by GIMECO can smoothly integrate with existing software such as ERP’s and CRM’s or MRP systems and play a crucial role in digital transformation.

Plant supervising

A software used to manage, control and maximize the operations and their effectiveness.
It comes included with our plants and equipment.


Complete line supervising
All the equipment can be supervised easily via smart human-machine interface

User friendly
The entire plant is shown in intuitive 3D graphics

Real time positioning of loads

Management of working recipes
Time spent per single production phase and cycles can be adapted and operated to detail

Remote control
Supervise and manage the entire plant via tablet or PC, even staying at home

Smart interface

Perfect integration
Naturally oriented towards the perfect integration of equipment, labor, and software, achieving full automation while ensuring safety, productivity, and digitization.

Productivity Pack™

A software dedicated to galvanizers to control, manage and maximize productivity of operations by continuously retrieving data from automation systems, storing and using them to give back useful outputs.


Production data, history, step and timings, racks
Total worked racks with detailed information on each of them

Productivity data, system enquiring and stats
By input of time intervals, the system delivers information regarding total worked material including production distribution over time

Weight of black and galvanized material

Chemicals management
Manage all data about chemical process and raw material usage, retrieving data from automation controls and matching them with analysis

Visual analytics / Infographics
Information can be extracted in form of easy-to-use pie-charts and histograms

Event log

  • Boosted repeatability
  • Boosted process consistency
  • Better knowledge about the process
  • Reduced idle times and downtimes
  • Reduced need for skilled operators
  • Boosted quality of finished products

Chem Pack™

A complete system to manage information and performances about chemical processes, it integrates data with those coming from the Productivity Pack™.

  • Chemical analysis
  • History analysis
  • Tanks current state
  • Acid correction
  • One-element correction
  • Two-elements correction
  • Two-tanks correction
  • Manual correction
  • Consumption report

Manufacturing Execution System herMES™

It allows to manage the entire flow of information from black material entrance phase up to galvanized material delivery, keeping a full traceability of products on real time.


Raw material management and bar code labelling of lots
Manages all incoming materials, relating incoming materials lots to listed customers or to new ones, assigning materials lots to cycles

Stock yard management

Production queue
It oversees and control status of production jobs running in the workflow

Jigging and unjigging lifting stations workload
It can manage production activities, through a complete view over production queue and daily activities

Galvanized material delivery schedule

Web-like application
It works on any device regardless the operating system as an internet connection is enough for the suite to run, no software installation needed

Automatic data recovery
Being completely integrated with the automation software, in case of temporary interruption of data flow, special PLC buffers allows the automatic information recovery

Integration ready
Designed to connect with other management software of the organization, such as ERP’s and CRM’s

  • Full control of materials workflow
  • Integration of the quality control with production flows
  • Native integration with digital and plant automation systems
  • Enhanced relief for mistakes of human contribution
  • Traceability and genealogy of material and products
  • Improved production scheduling
  • Improved customer’s experience
  • Increased profits

Smart furnace supervising and management

A specific, state-of-the-art software used to control and manage furnace operativity achieving the maximum efficiency.


Energy consumption live tracking
The system detects, interprets, and stores all data regarding electrical & combustibles consumptions, verifying in real time the operating conditions of the system (mains voltage, electrical absorption)

Adaptive and predictive automatic thermoregulation
The system knows the entity of incoming material next to be galvanized and, accordingly, the PID executes necessary modifications for the thermoregulation: this helps improving effectiveness of cycle-time resulting in significantly lower energy consumption and less downtimes

Full control of dryer, heat economizing unit, hot air generator and gas control station
Continuously retrieving data from sensors and valves for a live check up; the system provides an optimization in the recovery of thermal energy exploiting the unique conditions of the system

Heating elements adjustment
Optimization of burners and/or resistances running cycles and turnover as well as (in case of combustion furnaces) controlling pressures.

Safety first and auto diagnostic
Running and log information can be used for on time auto diagnostics, to take corrective actions in advance to avoid any potential risk or damage, and for a perfect thermal group operation rationalization of energy consumption

Dynamic scheduler
It helps planning and arranging automatic thermal cycles avoiding real time manual executions, communicating directly with production management software

Integrated MES and MRP interface module
A complete software suite “tailor made” developed to get a real time full access to the thermal unit, including equipment working status and diagnostic to communicate directly with MRP system

Remote control
The software allows to control the thermal unit remotely via browser; an internet connection is enough

Recording system iknow™

It is a recording and storing software that collects information from any point in the plant with an installed sensor. Information is accessible and easy to be consulted in a few clicks only.

  • Energy and consumption (furnace, dryer, heat economizer)
  • Heat losses tracking
  • Fuel, combustion air and electricity instant utilization
  • Burners ignition percentage and behaviour in general
  • Analysis tools
  • Pretreatment and post-processing efficiency monitoring
  • Chemical process analysis
  • Reagents correction calculation
  • Raw materials consumption report (acids, flux, zinc)

Intelligent remote

GIMECO has studied and developed an effective tool to offer to you assistance in a fast way, reducing machine downtime and boosting problem solving by ease the actions and, if needed, as if a specialized technician were personally on-site.


Two-way assistance customer-technician
Via broadcasting (audio and video) communication

Data retrieving and download
Collected information (text, video and photography) can be downloaded

Mixed reality
Helps identifying components and details in the customer’s field of view

Instant messaging system with simultaneous interpretation (multi-language)

Live recording
Live sharing, multi-conference/multi-user

Integration ready
Connect with other software of organization, such as ERP’s

  • Immediate intervention in event of need
  • Extremely reduced downtimes
  • Enhanced plant maintenance culture
  • No need of technician presence on site
  • Storage and tracking of faults and solutions
  • Ease the maintenance maintenance