MOVER™, the innovative handling assistant

In many manufacturing industries, particularly in hot-dip galvanizing, which is the primary target market for GIMECO, there is a need to handle pieces of various shapes and sizes, some of which can be quite heavy. Even in highly automated facilities, the loading and unloading phases of materials are heavily reliant on manual operations. In the context of hot-dip galvanizing, these operations involve attaching (or jigging) and detaching (or unjigging) pieces to be galvanized to racks, which then facilitate their movement throughout the galvanizing process once they are placed on the galvanizing line.

Each rack can carry up to several hundred pieces, ranging in weight from one kilogram to hundreds of kilograms. Currently, these operations are carried out manually, relying on the physical strength of operators or the assistance of tools and equipment such as forklifts, electric pallet jacks, overhead cranes, and more. These phases represent a waste of time and resources (無駄, muda) without significant added value, they are also characterized by poor ergonomics and against lean production principles.

While the challenge has been partially addressed in cases where loading involves high volumes and a low number of variations (e.g. galvanized guardrails), successful experiments with magnet-pneumatic systems for loading and unloading items onto racks have been conducted. However, the issue of handling little volumes of various items remains unsolved.

The use of traditional automation forms, including robots or other fully autonomous systems, is not easily applicable due to the significant variability in the pieces to be handled.
These pieces often come in small series with few identical items or even as individual pieces with highly variable sizes and masses. Furthermore, their unorganized arrangement at the pick-up points presents additional challenges. In isolated cases, some company have begun using electric or pneumatic weight balancers already available on the market. However, these systems typically only assist with lifting, while the operator is still responsible for translating and rotating the piece. Additionally, the gripping mechanism for these pieces is often a simple hook used for lifting.

Here is where GIMECO comes in with its innovative spirit, offering the hot-dip galvanizing industry (but not only) a great solution that aims to address sustainability needs and overcome the typical limits of the sector. Here comes MOVER™.

MOVER™ in short

While drawing inspiration from existing applications, dedicated to other fields which are not characterized by the dimensional and mass variability typical of hot-dip galvanizing, our project takes on innovation requirements.
It aims at create handling manipulators whose characteristics are primarily focused on ergonomics, safety, flexibility, and productivity.

Hence MOVER is born, an intelligent manipulation device that serves as a robust extension of the human arm. It represents a flexible system for loads handling, designed to alleviate the physical efforts of operators, virtually reducing the reliance on manpower and equipment and overcoming limitations related to volumes/series.
It is a technically effective and economically sustainable product for the broadest possible range of components.

Highlights and features

Robust basement with electronics

The entire device comes assembled on a basement suitable to be moved with forklifts or, on request, to be equipped by wheels or even to be hanged.

6-axes motorized arm

It allows to eliminate the effort and the inertia of movements to collect the piece from the ground (or from the pallet on which it is placed) and take it to the jigging position, covering an area of about 7 meters (23') in diameter.

Smart guidance system

It is the heart of the project, and it consists of an intelligent knob. This knob works as if it perceived the operator's intentions of movement in all directions (both translation and rotation) which in turn are transduced as inputs to motors through the electronic control system.
In other words, the operator has the sensation of moving a weight of a few grams only through the force he/she applies to the knob, while the motors multiply the operator’s force to move the piece and the equipment itself.
The knob is placed near the gripping system, to ensure the operations are as simple and intuitive as possible.

Double security

The safety system consists of the safety system switch, which must be operated together with the intelligent knob to allow activities; in turn, it freezes all the axes if the hand should leave it.
Furthermore, the whole system is designed to always keep holding the piece, even in the event of power failure thanks to permanent magnet units and the auxiliary pneumatic system.

Gripping system

The gripping system is designed and built to suit different grippers (magnetic, clamping or hooking) in order to be adaptable to various types, shapes and masses of pieces to handle.

magneti piccoli

Magnetic, small
Permanent mag., pay.d up to 40Kg (88 lbs)

magneti grandi

Magnetic, large
Permanent mag., pay.d up to 100Kg (220 lbs)


Clamping - Hooking
Pay.d up to 100Kg (220 lbs)

On request executions

On basement, wheeled

MOVER™ can be optionally provided in wheeled version on rails to easily serve long racks.

Hanging, on gantry

Options may also include MOVER™ on a gantry structure, to extend the field of action.



Technical specifications

Structure assembled on a robust basement suitable to be moved with forklifts.
6-axis motorized arm. Interchangeable gripping system (permanent magnets, clamping, hooking).
Smart guidance system. Safety system switch. Auxiliary pneumatic system.

Dimensions, arm excl.  1800 × 1350 × H2600mm (70.8 × 53.2 × H102.4”)
Weight  ~2200Kg (~4850lbs)
Payload of the equipment  >100Kg (>220lbs)
Field of action  ~7000mm (~275.6”)

Area di lavoro manipolatore MOVER