The digital transformation in hot-dip galvanizing

Digital transformation, or Industry 4.0, represents a profound shift in how businesses and industries utilize cutting-edge digital technologies to redefine operations, enhance efficiency, and foster innovation. This encompasses integrating technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.
In the context of manufacturing and Industry 4.0, the core revolves around the smart factory, equipped with sensors and devices collecting real-time data from machines and processes. Algorithms then analyze this data to optimize production, predict maintenance, and reduce downtime, resulting in increased productivity, cost savings, and improved product quality.
Industry 4.0 also promotes manufacturing flexibility and customization, allowing companies to adapt to real-time market demands.
Embracing digital transformation is vital to remain competitive in our fast-evolving world. It does come with challenges, including cybersecurity concerns and the need to upskill the workforce.

Knowing the importance of this topic even for the hot-dip galvanizing market, we at GIMECO support you in the development of automation, information, interconnection and planning proposing solutions in line with the fourth industrial revolution by combining our natural spirit of innovation with experience and technological capacity.

Elements for hot-dip galvanizing 4.0

Complete control

Automation and control via PLC of sensors such as thermocouples, pressure switches, weighing systems, limit switches, data matrix cameras, photoelectric barriers, etc.

Complete interconnection

With company information systems such as management software, ERP, ...

Smooth integration

Between components and machines by TCP-IP protocols

Smart human-machine interface

By high digitization SCADA systems

Safety-oriented processes

Through PLC fail-safe by best brands, for a safe process logic programming

Remote control

Of every element and component involved in the production process

Continuous monitoring

Of process parameters

Increased productivity, traceability and customer experience

Thanks to software suites Productivity Pack™ and herMES™, developed on Microsoft SQL Server

Tax breaks and fiscal benefits

Choosing to implement digital transformation-oriented solutions for your facility benefits from incentives and tax deductions accordingly to local legislature.