Systems for automatic smallware galvanizing

Spin hot-dip galvanizing automatic lines of metal hardware are dedicated to handle small-sized parts and components to be galvanized, such as nails, screws, fittings, nuts and bolts, washers, mounting hardware in general or simply uniquely shaped objects.

Generally, small hardware products undergo the same stages as those used for larger items but benefit from dedicated equipment that, through high automation, allows for standardizing production at high-quality levels, ensuring repeatability.

Furthermore, we provide hybrid solutions, or dual-purpose plants, that enable working with both small hardware and general metalwork, potentially using the same equipment accordingly to your requests.

Vibrating conveyor

Vibratory conveyors, or vibrating feeders, are commonly used in spin galvanizing plants to handle small parts. They are simple and efficient solutions with low maintenance requirements, making them widely used in industry. Our company has extensive experience in optimizing the performance and robustness of these conveyors.

We have achieved a significant balance between speed, low noise, and improved ergonomics in production environments, aiding operators. These conveyors are used to feed the process, to transfer the parts from drum to basket and to help the operator during the visual quality check. They can be seamlessly integrated with various handling tools and automated systems, such as load weighing, to minimize manual labor and variability due to lack of training or personnel absence.

Automatic drum filling devices

The minute hardware to be galvanized comes in containers whose content is transferred to a sloping table which feeds into the pretreatment drums loading chute. Each container is emptied into a single corresponding drum to maintain consistent production batches and traceability. Overhead transportation system then replaces the filled drum with an empty one for the next cycle.
A single operator is enough to assist and manage the filling operations.

Pretreatment drums and cages

According to the product type, we supply customized rotating drums or cages to simplify material handling, to optimize pretreatment consistency and to increase the variety of products that can be processed.

Rotating equipment for pretreatment drums

In the pretreatment department, drums rotate in tanks to improve surface preparation. Rotation is provided by a low maintenance dedicated motorized system and it continues even during lifting, aiding pretreatment solutions drainage from surfaces.

Rotary drum dryers

Belt dryers

According to production needs, the dryer can be equipped with a conveyor belt or a rotating drum with an Archimedes screw, according to specifications, to transfer the material through a steel tunnel and ensure complete drying.

Weighing, dosing and baskets filling units

This highly automated mechanized system enables the accurate sorting and weighing small parts, facilitating the loading of baskets for the galvanizing process. While this unit operates automatically for smaller small parts, it may require operator supervision for other types of materials.
Choosing uniform type of material for each basket uniform, allows specific recipes to be defined, ensuring consistent quality levels of production batches.

Spinning galvanizing machines

They are a highly automated machines, designed for handling baskets within the galvanizing bath and performing the final spinning process. They operate automatically according to predefined prescriptions, arranged and controlled via software.

Available in two versions: suspended or gantry

The system consists of several components to provide basket handling and spinning, swinging of immersed baskets, zinc surface skimming and ash collection; accordingly to productivity levels to achieve, it can be equipped with one to three independent handling robots.
This solution reduces energy costs by eliminating the need to cool each basket, and they enable a significant reduction in the number of required baskets.
The integration with an anthropomorphic robot, as the latest solution by GIMECO, ensures a even better optimization of time-cycles and an increased productivity.
Generally speaking, these machines ensure high level of standardization of the production and total safety for the operators.

Basket quick emptying devices

After removal of exciding zinc, this solution speeds up the beginning of the cooling phase of galvanized parts, controlling the quality of the finished product.

Smart baskets rolling distributors

These systems enable precise handling, adapting to material characteristics and production requirements, ensuring total traceability.