Among the latest born services by GIMECO are those dedicated to the pot management, inductor replacement and renewal for continuous coil hot dip galvanizing lines. We rely on our electric pumps, mobile holding vessels, and other equipment operated by our qualified team of specialists. We offer turnkey solutions developed with a keen focus on minimizing production downtime and costs.

Induction elements replace and adjustment

Pot renewal

Molten zinc transfers

Holding vessels



Mobile holding vessels

Transportable units to keep the zinc in molten state at 450°C (842°F), during service operations on the pot and the inductors.
Available in different versions, up to 90 tons (200000 lbs) capacity each.


Electric pumps

Exceptionally silent for the job and completely in-house designed, they are available in four sizes and allow fast pumping operations up to 4,5 tons (9920 lbs) per minute of flow rate.


Electrically heated pipes



Up to 2,2 tons (4850 lbs) of zinc each


  1. Scheduling
  2. Preparation and coordination
  3. Complete or partial pumping out of the pot
  4. Inductor grooves cleaning
  5. Partial or complete refurbishment of the refractory
  6. Old inductor decoupling
  7. New inductor preparation and coupling
  8. Installation of advanced cover plate
  9. Start up of the preheating cycle
  10. Inductor priming
Advantages and benefits


Duly developed and coordinated operations, efficient equipment and dedicated highly skilled specialists, ensure the service is performed in the shortest possible time in order to reduce production downtimes


Thanks to our holding vessels, up to hundreds of tons of zinc can be kept in molten state at 450°C (842°F), this helps resuming operations in a short.

Money saving

The entire process allows to shorten the downtime by 3 to 7 days so that the galvanizer can resume activities shortly

No drop behind

Our experienced staff and our performing pumps, dry the pot down to just 4cm (1,5’’) of residual zinc; no zinc is virtually wasted

Total safety

Operations are duly planned ensuring the safest process for workers and equipment. Local galvanizers are trained with assorted media tools