Hot-dip galvanizing technology evolves constantly through the demands on quality, economy, environment and working conditions: all that cannot do without the use of dedicated chemical products and additives useful in the various steps of the process.

To offer you a comprehensive support to your production tasks, our range of solutions includes chemical products especially studied and developed by the Swedish company RECYCLEAN SYSTEMS AB, which we established a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with.

During its experience of more than twenty five years, the intention of RECYCLEAN SYSTEMS AB has always been to satisfy the increasing quality and productivity demands of galvanizers, knowing that effects of additives and chemical products deeply affect the entire process.

Degreasing products

Let the products that shall be treated choose the degreasing method! Machined parts can contain fat machining oils in huge quantities that need a powerful degreaser with good separation properties.

Biosys Power 250

High impact biological degreaser
Temperature 25-50°C (77-122°F)
No following rinsing needed
Very long lifetime (up to 10 years)
Gives the best quality
Best degreasing result


Low alkaline
Temperature 25-70°C (77-158°F)
No following rinsing needed
Great degreasing result

Briteclean P

Allows a fast pickling
Supports limited pickling capabilites
Low alkaline
Temperature 25-70°C (77-158°F)
No following rinsing needed
Great degreasing result

Pickling additives

Metallic material showing oxidation (rust) requires hydrochloric acid to be cleaned from oxidation. Sometimes, also phosphoric or sulfuric acids can be used. The process can be combined with pickling additives that help reducing the acid consumption and improve the working conditions.

Inhibit C

Protects the metal, reduces acid consumption, accelerates pickling of goods, reduces the risk of hydrogen embrittlement of finished goods

No vapor

Helps to create a work environment free of acid ic vapors, gives plant and equipment a longer lifetime, reducing maintenance costs.

Fluxing products

Modern flux is not just double salt, it may also contain additives to better cope with high silicon steel or high aluminum zinc baths for shinier and smoother surfaces or, perhaps most importantly, avoid the formation of black spots on the surface of galvanized artifacts.

Double salt

An additive to the flux bath to increase the wetting of the flux and increase the efficiency of the treatment. It helps accelerate the subsequent drying process as treated surfaces drain liquids easier.

Recy Flux Fast

We can supply both traditional flux salts in dry form as well as water based flux salts for dust free and automated dosing.


A flux additive that ensures a trouble free galvanizing reducing the risk of black spots. It is suitable for high aluminum content zinc baths. Ensures shinier surfaces and radically reduces re-galvanizing

Recy Flux W

A flux paste with 85% contents in double salt. Great in eliminating dust formation and easy to dose by pumps or by simply pouring it into the flux bath.

Briteclean P

A flux additive that reduces the formation of dross and provides controlled growth of the zinc layer also at higher silicon content. It helps giving shinier

Passivation and sealing products

The need for finished products without white rust requires an additional step to provide long term protection: our passivation products create a true protective barrier for galvanized material surfaces, extending their resistance to environmental exposure.


Very effective inorganic white rust protection that lasts for a long time. Totally chrome free. Excellent as transport and storage protection outdoors

Zinc bath additives

Modern zinc metallurgy has developed alloys with aluminum and nickel that reduce zinc consumption as well as shinier surfaces; additives for recycling zinc from ash and dross can provide significant further savings in zinc consumption.


The product is added to the collected ashes. By reaction, 60-70% of the zinc present in the ashes is recycled.

Neutralization - Regeneration
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