Internal logistics and handling of materials

Our handling proposals represent a crucial innovation for industrial efficiency. We customize technological solutions for each department, eliminating the bottlenecks that hinder production. Each and every system of ours is meticulously designed for optimal performance in all stages of the process. We use modern overhead cranes, monorail automated hoists, and fast transfers trolleys.
Our machines and components are specifically designed for hot-dip galvanizing, with high quality components for long lasting performance and tailored to your specific needs.
We collaborate closely with you for efficient integration into your industrial layout.
Our lifting systems are speed-adjustable and equipped with encoders for precision. The electronics are designed for harsh conditions. Naturally, all systems are oriented to support the transition towards Industry 4.0.
In summary, our lifting and handling solutions adhere to the highest industrial standards and offer outstanding performance.

Lifting racks - Beams

The lifting racks (or beams) are crucial for ergonomics and efficiency in a galvanizing plant. Our racks are designed to be as lightweight as possible comparing to the load, maintaining lifting efficiency. They work in both traditional and fully automated plants, they are easily traceable with metal identification numbering, and withstand even aggressive environmental conditions.
Every rack by GIMECO features specifically designed hooks to prevent any unstable jigging situation, which may sometimes occur with standard commercial hooks, originating extremely hazardous conditions.

Layouts by GIMECO guarantee that all the process, from the entry of material to the discharged of finished product, can be carried out using a single rack: this means great rationalization of equipment and cost savings.


We design traditional to multifunctional bridgecranes capable of transporting both empty and full racks simultaneously to reduce setup downtime.
The dimensioning of bridgecranes is based on spacing between runways and maximum lifting capacity, following strict international standards and considering the FEM/DIN service class, which assesses operational cycles and total lifespan in relation to the load.


Heavy duty
ISO4301-1 class A6 / M6; capacity up to 15+15 metric tons

High spatial positioning
Available in 6-axis design or in rotating design, to allow incredible possibilities to the spatial positioning of loads.

Double-lifting capacity

Double security system

Hoists - Monorails

Hoists and monorails can combine to create a fundamental part of a complete and functional lifting system ensuring great reliability, robustness, easy maintenance, and safety in a compact solution equipment.
We design hoists to seamlessly integrate into the automatic lifting system with a monorail. They are crafted with high-quality mechanical finishing and hoists are equipped with the best electronic components available on the market.
All movements are controlled by encoders, achieving a level of drive precision never seen before in hot-dip galvanizing.

Maintenance walkways complete the equipment, allowing routine maintenance to be performed comfortably in total safety.


Ultra compact
The new design allows to save up to 30% size in height

High loading capacity
Steel rope versions up to 15 metric tons

Double motor
To avoid stops in event of failure of one motor

Bar code or QR code positioning
Hoists include optical sensor to detect the right position by reading codes located on the monorail


Jigging and unjigging
lifting stations

A true hub of innovation and safety, the lifting stations enable the ergonomic, secure, and swift hanging and removal of materials from the racks. The lifting mechanism, operated either electrically or by an hydraulic cylinder, allows to adjust height according to work requirements and is equipped with modern weighing, safety, and emergency devices. The system seamlessly integrates into your plant's layout, optimizing the production flow among the involved processes and ensuring high bearability for operators.


Flexible configuration
Mini to plus-size design.

High loading capacity
Up to 15+15 metric tons design.

Efficient lifter
Motorized or electrohydraulic versions available.

High spatial positioning
Up and downwards  –  Fore and backwards  –  Tilting

Operator safety barrier
By means of non-material barriers, the system detects if people trespass the jigging bay’s limit while it is in operating status and, in positive case, provides an immediate stop.

Active safety lock™
Each jigging workstation is equipped with two hydraulic braking systems (assembled on the stands), which provides an effective action by holding the jig always at its vertical position, eliminating the risk for it to fall

Oil flow safety device
Stops the oil from flowing throughout the hydraulic system in case of emergency failure.

Load cells

Speed matching switches
Controls the two lifting motors always operate at the same speed.

Limit switches

Safety interlocks


Less injuries and medical leaves

Boosted productivity and capacity

Improved workers comfort
It ensures sustainability of the job for human resources

Optimized plant layout

Smart opex management
It helps reducing operative costs of the plant

Shuttle transfer trolleys

Transfer trolleys are highly efficient and reliable solutions in handling systems. Typically used for automatically or semi-automatically transferring materials within the facility, they enhance operator safety and departmental efficiency.

These carts reduce the reliance on forklifts, resulting in significant cost savings due to reduced investments and handling expenses. They can be powered through the electrical grid or with battery systems featuring automatic recharging. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate with other GIMECO handling systems.

Double-level buffer for racks

A brilliant solution for all cases where it is necessary to significantly increase productivity while ensuring the complete safety of the plant involves the installation of buffering systems (or accumulator buffers) for the racks (or beams), leading to a less relying on cranes.
Each of these buffers is located in the loading and unloading areas and includes all the automatic functions related to the management of the lifting racks.
Handling occurs simultaneously at two different levels: the lower part is intended for handling black or galvanized material racks, coupled with the hydraulic lifting station positioned at both ends of the buffer and the transfer shuttles, while the upper part is intended for handling empty racks. Movements are electrically driven and cyclic, this ensures that the initial position at the beginning of the buffer always remains empty.

immersion and lifting stations

These stations facilitate the immersion of materials in quenching and passivation tanks while allowing for height and tilt adjustments, streamlining the process. In case of failure, operations continue using the overhead crane.

Tubes and pipes galvanizing
specific equipment

Automatic spin galvanizing
specific equipment